Who May Join

While there are many people (professional and not) who invest in asset management products, APFI recognises a unique subset as its members who are wholly dedicated to the task as central to their role within banks, family offices, fund of funds, wealth managers and other institutions.

Professional Fund Investors are those whose focus is the research, analysis and investment in the products of the asset management industry. Colloquially, the role is known as: fund gatekeepers, fund buyers, manager research and due diligence analysts and fund selectors.

The Association uses the term “fund” in the broadest of contexts to include products generally managed by asset management organisations – whether they are commingled in a fund format or segregated accounts makes no difference nor does the underlying investment approach.

APFI is open to the global professional fund investor community for membership. The commonality of the issues and interests of professional fund investors worldwide as well as the continuous evolution of global trends are important reasons to share our global perspective.

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