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You are likely aware that APFI has collaborated on an initiative to save our members time in collecting and organising fund information for due diligence, using a standard questionnaire built on best practice.  Finally, the due diligence information gathering process is moving out of the age of Word and Excel documents traded through emails – the Standard Questionnaire is digital!

The due diligence platform has launched and we have secured priority access for APFI members and their teams.

Some background

After one of APFI’s regular events during which the idea of standardisation was discussed and endorsed, a group of APFI members created a working group to create a series of standard due diligence questionnaires.

The potential benefits of standardisation were clear, but there were still major limitations in the way that information is exchanged.  An obvious solution was to go digital.  But to create a platform would require investment to flourish and it needed the support of the asset management community.

Door – a digital platform for fund due diligence.

Early in 2016, Roland Meerdter, one of APFI’s founders, began working to create a digital solution.  To ensure that the platform would also benefit asset management companies and gain strong adoption, Rob Sanders, formerly Aberdeen’s Global Head of Marketing, joined with Roland to work on the process and secure necessary support.  It was recognised that the highest likelihood of success would be through collaboration across the industry.

Door collaborated with 10 fund investor firms and 12 global asset managers to streamline the due diligence process and deliver value for all stakeholders. Jauri Hakka and JB Beckett, members of the APFI leadership team, have worked as part of the collaborative group, ensuring that APFI members’ interests were represented.

Door has recently launched the first version of the digital platform. 20 global and boutique asset managers have committed to providing up to date, robust information on their funds in the standard format. 37 fund investor firms have already registered to use Door. Recognised as a much-needed driver of efficiency, this initiative has received strong support across the industry. 

Door is free for fund investors to use.

Your free access to Door

APFI is endorsing the Door initiative as a means to reduce the workload of professional fund investors allowing for more time to be spent on analysing rather than gathering basic information. As a service to members, we will register you and your fund investor colleagues for free priority access.

Door is currently onboarding fund investors in groups of 100 in order to ensure a smooth launch process – we understand that those spots are filling quickly.  If you do not wish to be registered, please let us know.  

We need your business contact information

So that Door can register you, APFI will need your business email address for identity and information security reasons. Please send this to Door will contact you directly once you provide APFI with this information.

If you would like to register any colleagues, please let the Door Team know directly: Please remember that Door will only provide access to professional fund investors – those involved in the research and selection of funds. We recommend that you get your team access at this early stage so that you may all benefit from the efficiencies the Door platform will provide.

Kind regards,

Mussie Kidane, Jon “JB” Beckett & Jauri Hakka


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