APFI in the Media

August 15, 2014

Supertanker funds: all aboard or time to jump ship?

In his CityWire Article: Supertanker funds: all aboard or time to jump ship? Jon ‘JB’ Beckett, APFI’s UK Research Lead, discusses two of APFIs major themes: due diligence and regulatory concerns. Specifically, JB provides insight on how ‘supertanker’ funds are adjusting to the changing waters caused by AIFMD and incoming Ucits regulations.

February 23, 2012

Selector association APFI announces general assembly

In the CityWire Article: ‘Selector association APFI announces general assembly’ Mussie Kidane talks with French fund selectors. Click here for a short video of Mussie speaking about the creation and goals of APFI.

One of his quotes:

‘You have to be organised and have a voice. For that voice to be heard, we have to have momentum and also an organisational structure that allows it. So I think the APFI is the right way to do it. Together we have tremendous buying power.’